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Ashley Judd Fakes

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Ashley Judd Goes Lesbian

In this fake, Ashley Judd tries making love to a woman. We can only guess whose idea it was, but right in the middle of a hot masturbation session Ashley lets her girlfriend go lesbian on her and start sucking her immense jugs while petting her exposed pussy. And she can't help stroking and squeezing her friend's boobs either!

ashley judd fake lesbian session

See also Miley Cyrus as she goes lesbian together with Kristin Kreuk!

Posted: 01:11, 2012-Nov-13
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Ashley Judd Pussy Experiments

Having no dildo at hand is no problem for Ashley Judd. Fakers can always help her find something which will fit her hole perfectly, either it is a little glass bottle

ashley judd sticks a glass bottle in her vagina

or... a faucet switcher!

fake ashley judd experimenting with running water

Ok Ashley, make the running water hotter while we take a look at Michelle Pfeiffer playing with her pussy too!

Posted: 02:06, 2012-Oct-24
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Ashley Judd Having Sex

One more Ashley Judd sex fake. Altough this is a very low resolution pic, it is a high quality faker job. Unfortunately, nameless. We would very much like to know who made Ashley laugh so happily with a cock stuck into her pussy. Ashley looks so cute here that one can hardly help having a desire to make love to her, too.


fake ashley judd sex scene


See also Jennifer Lopez having sex in a very similar position.


Posted: 23:39, 2012-Jan-22
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Sexy Ashley Judd

We are at a loss as to what looks sexier in that fake of Ashley Judd: her bare legs with a pussy seen in between, or the sensual and playful smile on her face. The combination of Ashley's appealing face and her nude butt makes the pic look very sexy and provocative.


seducing Ashley Judd fake


Sexy Christina Applegate Fake


Posted: 23:41, 2011-Dec-5
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Ashley Judd Exposed Pussy

Pantiless Ashley Judd sits on a vintage car with her legs spready. Ashley has a bra on. However, she pulls it off to expose her tits, too. But bare tits are quite common among topless beach girls, and exposed pussies are rather rare, especially among celebrity women. So, we prefer to list this Ashley Judd nude fake among pussy fakes.


ashley judd shows off her pussy and tits


Miley Cyrus Crotch


Posted: 00:17, 2011-Oct-28
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Ashley Judd XXX

Ashley Judd gets loose and dirty in this XXX scene, sharing a hot threesome with a man and a girl. As the man drills Ashley's asshole with his dick, Ashley's girlfriend waits for her turn, ready to help the fucking couple to enjoy themselves even more. Some clit stroking and tits licking would do really good. She could also insert her fingers into Ashley's vagina to make that hardcore entertainment hotter.

ashley judd xxx scene


More celebrity anal sex with Emma Watson XXX pleasure!


Posted: 05:41, 2011-Sep-30
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Ashley Judd Porn

Ashley and Tom had tried a lot of different positions that day before they decided to do some anal with Ashley lying on her side. Perhaps, they could have chosen a more comfortable layout, but when you shoot porn, the onlookers' comfort does matter, and Ashley stroke the appropriate attitude to let us see her getting fucked in detail.

ashley judd porn fake

Angelina Jolie Porn

Posted: 00:49, 2011-Sep-11
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Ashley Judd Tits

Ashley Judd Tits & Pussy Fake. The famous star is represented lying on the floor, pantiless and braless, although wearing a piece of cloth, naked enough to be seen in the most private manner. And she is so proud of possessing such a lovely body that she can't miss an opportunity of exposing a bit of herself, letting us pet her trimmed pussy and squeeze her tits.

ashley judd tits


Shakira Tits

Posted: 02:16, 2011-Jul-24
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Ashley Judd Naked

ashley judd naked

Ashley Judd Naked and Exposed! Not a piece of cloth is seen on that beautiful nude body. Not a single hair is found on that adorable pussy... It is sometimes enough to persuade a girl undress to make her a celebrity. If she is already a celebrity, and wouldn't agree, you may... fake her nudity!

Jennifer Aniston Naked

Posted: 04:59, 2011-Jun-25
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Ashley Judd Ass

Ashley Judd Ass Fake. Looks like natural! Fancy Ashley Judd lying nude on her stomach with her curvy butt turned to you. An amazing ass, with a bit of cameltoe seen, too! When seeing these buttocks, you get an irresistible desire to squeeze them. A very nice slap on Ashley Judd's ass :)

Alyssa Milano Ass

ashley judd ass

Posted: 02:04, 2011-May-12
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